Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well it is now less than a week until Lindsey leaves to go to AMTC.....she is so excited and I am excited for her and for time to be with her! She is so gifted and she is already using her gifts. She loves to use drama to reach others whether she is in the drama or writing and directing it for middle school.

She has worked for the past 5 months to save every dime that she earned toward going to AMTC. We have helped and so have grandparents. We got it all except for the travel. So we sent out 200 fliers to local businesses as AMTC recommended....not a single response??!!! This wouldn't be so bad but the postage alone could have paid for gas there! So we began to pray! Lindsey was so sweet about it...she would say, "Lord you have opened EVERY door so far..I am trusting that if you want me there you will continue to open doors and if this is the end...help me to see your hand."

One of Lindsey's good friends gave her an envelope and basically told her that while she was sitting in church the Lord had challenged her to give Lindsey her babysitting money from the summer? She went on to give an amazing testimony about how talented she thinks Lindsey is and how Lindsey has always stood for what is right and she thinks that the Lord is going to use her and she wanted to be a part of making that happen. What teenager does that??? The one's who are all about more than themselves!!

We were planing on driving Eric's car down...now let me just tell you why I dreaded this....I hate to drive! Especially 8 hours!!! Both mine and Eric's cars are high mileage and Eric was worried about such a long trip. His car's shocks are gone so I was worried about a headache? My car is in a little better shape but it gets 12 miles to the gallon..yep you saw that correctly. We couldn't afford a rental so off we were prepared to go. Someone told me that I might try bidding on a flight. Sometimes the airlines will try to fill the plane at the last min. but I couldn't find the site so I asked if anyone on facebook knew where I could find the site.....you will have to tune in later to hear what the Lord did!!! :)

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Smelling Coffee said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! Been thinking about you and praying for you all during this period of waiting on the Lord!!!


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