Friday, June 12, 2009

A day of fun!

Our Friends are here and we have already had so much fun! There is the constant sound of laughter from somewhere in the house. Both the dads left out a few minutes ago to head out to Snowbird for a day of rafting. Zuni and I stayed back with her youngest daughter and we are going to hit the thrift stores and yard sales in the area.

While they are here we are all reading the book, "Do Hard Things", for family devotions. We are all really excited about the challenges issued in this book. The kids are all engaging in conversation about the chapters we are reading. I will let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

They're comming!!

Yes it is true...our good friends the Zaldivar's are on their way from!!!! We LOVE this family and we can't wait until they get here. They lived here in GA for 4 years and then they moved back to FL with a job transfer 4 years ago and we miss them desperately! They came and spent 9 days with us last year for their family vacation....we had a blast. Now those who know me...know that we do not have a large home, in fact it is small even for how are we going to add 7 more for 11 days??? Well..... we will have air mattresses everywhere and we will make it happen! I will send pictures of the week but I am just sure they will not adequately capture the fun and laughter!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ok...If you have young children...get ready! I am loving the middle school and high school years thus far with my 3 oldest. Yes you read that correctly...I love it! We will see if what I have observed from others is correct or not but my observances tell me that if you do your work when they are young...your job will be easier when they are older. Thus far that has been true. But let me just give you a hint....they are the most talkative at night....LATE at night! If you want those moments to really hear their heart and pour Jesus back into them.....SPEEP IN!!!!! That way you will be ready for the night! :) By the way if my own bed looked like the picture above...I would never get up! Love those babies!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


This was my husbands 1st ever tent camping trip! He set the tent up in the backyard and the boys were all so very excited! they even dug a pit to have a campfire! Eric didn't sleep for a good portion of the night but the boys LOVED it! I love that he does things with them that he doesn't really like! He is a great daddy!

Tea Party

Oh! how I love encouraging women! I spoke at a lovely tea party at a church near Douglasville a few weeks ago. The ladies were all so warm and wonderful. It thrills my heart to get the chance to speak out of the overflow of what Jesus is doing in my own life! Love those babies!
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