Want one on one coaching? I am passionate about the family and helping other women to get their home in order and manageable. I have found that many times women just need a little encouragement and very practical easy to establish guidelines. Read through the questions below and then look at the areas I can helpi
*Is dinner time stressful?
*Do you find yourself feeding your family drive-thru twice a week or more?
*Do you buy many prepackaged foods?
*Does your oven have cob-webs?
*Do you think preparing a meal is stressful
*Do you plan a menu for the week?
*If you could cut your monthly grocery bill in half; what would you do with the extra money?(including cosmetics, toiletries, paper goods and cleaning products)

*Are your children disrespectful?
*Do you feel powerless as a mother?
*Are you having quality time with your children and husband?
*Do your children have chores and do them happily?
*Do you view your children as a blessing or are you ready to put them out with the trash?

If some of these questions sound interesting, I can help! What will this include? I will email you a series of questions before our scheduled time. I will come to your home and teach, discuss and come up with a practical game plan.

If you find that I was not can have all your money back!

Cost: $75.00 for the first hour and $50.00 for each additional hour. Can 2 or more of you split this fee..yes but you will have to choose 1 home.

“It is with great excitement and without any reservation I recommend my long time friend, Michele Helms, as a woman who seeks after the heart of God. She has developed wisdom beyond her years being a faithful student of the Word of God and has a great ability to share practical insights, especially in the area of the Christian home. I promise, you will be wonderfully blessed by knowing Michele and will benefit tremendously by what God has taught her.”

Mrs. Janet Hunt, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia

*more references available upon request

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