Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I thought summer was supposed to be "lazy" someone forgot to put that on our calendar! It has been off the hook busy! Marshall is in scouts and is away at scout camp this week...first time ever he has been away without Eric or myself...I'm not sure how I feel about that yet??? He is swimming 5 mornings a week...I am up at 7.....that for sure is not summer schedule??? The other 2 have to be at swim for a neighborhood team 5 mornings a week at 9:00. It is all good!!

Lindsey is so excited about AMTC....if you think about it pray for her....she has worked so hard to earn money toward the trip and now we are down to the wire for her hotel and travel expenses and it just isn't there. The Lord has opened EVERY door along the way and we are sure he will continue to provide but these are the moments that stretch you and build faith. Hard!

The Lord is opening some cool doors....please pray that we would be ready for where He leads! I love ya'll!

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