Monday, June 14, 2010

Eye contact

I am working really really hard on making and keeping eye contact. It is soooo hard for me! I have never thought of myself as ADD but I really think I have ADECD that would be Attention Deficit Eye Contact that a disease???? If I am talking to anyone longer than a few minutes then I am looking all over the place. I look away...I look at the persons face, hair, is crazy.....I have talked to people who do the same thing and I become so self do I have a booger in my nose or do I have spinach in my teeth??

I am making a real effort to keep eye is such an effort that sometimes I realize that I have no idea what the person just said because I am concentrating so hard NOT looking away. I know it is if you are talking to me and I seem distracted...just ignore me and keep talking...or feel free to stop me and remind me to pay attention :)

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