Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blessings part 2

Let me first back-up 30 years ago...I was a freshman in HS..yep that makes me 44..I was a bold witness for Jesus even then....and as the Lord would have it I was assigned a seat next to a guy that I had never met before named was first semester of freshman year. It didn't take long before I was talking to him about his faith. He quickly informed me that he was atheist..gasp...I had never actually met an atheist..Oh boy...I was so excited for the challenge!

We became fast friends....who would have thought...complete polar opposites....he respected me greatly....I found him to be a true friend....sadly more of a friend than some of my "Christian" friends at times! We have always kept in touch over the years. He has a sweet wife and precious little girl and he travels all over the world designing and building golf courses. I am very proud of him...still quite lost...I'm still praying for him 30 years later. I know that the Lord had a perfect plan 30 years ago in assigned seating!

OK now back to AMTC...I had asked the question on facebook.....did anyone know a site that I could bid on last min. plane tickets..I got lots of response and tips. But one was from my HS friend....."when are you going, returning and how many tickets" long story...he bought Lindsey and I round trip tickets! What a blessing! I was thrilled...Lindsey was blown away! There have been so many God stories relating to answered prayer and AMTC.

Please continue to pray for the of today we do not have health insurance...we had to make a decision either to pay our bills and buy groceries or pay the huge premium for insurance. I have to trust the Lord...but it is hard sometimes! Actually we technically are covered for 30 you never know what might change!
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