Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Days

About 2 weeks ago we had a nice snow for our area. My children, cousins and neighbors all got together to make a huge snowman. Below is my oldest boy being King of the Snowman!
The snowman was so big that they needed a ramp to get the body on and then they called my dad to come with his truck to get the head on. It was nuts!

But the finished product was awesome....a 12 foot snowman that was the coolest ever. So many people stopped to take pictures of it. It was so big that it took 12 days to fully melt even in 60 degree weather.

When Marshall was little and he would get in trouble he would tell us that "Bobby" did it.....that was his made up scape goat! It got to be a joke even as he got older. If someone broke something and no one remembered doing it then one of the kids would say that Bobby did it? So Marshall named the snowman....Bobby.........every day as he was melting the kids would wake-up to see if he was still standing and someone would yell.."Bobby lives"....Now we are waiting for the next snow and Bobby2

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