Monday, March 1, 2010

week 2

Well we are half way through!!! We still have soooo much food but we are out of some ceral. My husband Eric just returned from Haiti and we will NOT be complaining aobut running out of cereal!!!

Here is my menu from last week

French Toast
Egg sandwiches
Whole Wheat Choc. Chip muffins
grits...Ok Ok this is only me!!

Cheese and crackers

grilled cheese
cheese roll ups
beef bologna sand.
turkey sand

Grilled chicken, roasted pot, salad, green beans, mac N cheese, apple crisp
Salad w/ grilled chicken and baked pot.
Roast, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and drop biscuits
Pork tenderloin, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, salad
Soft tacos, chips and salsa
Grilled cheese and soup
Pizza....thanks to a friend for buying our dinner while Eric was away!

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