Friday, February 19, 2010

Common Respect

So last night Marshall was at swim practice....have I mentioned how good he is :) I really think you might see him at the Olympics some day.....maybe in 6 yrs.....he will be 19....yes that would be very exciting! Anyway where was I...... oh yes...last night after practice his coach was telling us what an awesome leader he mind you we want him to lead but we haven't seen anything that we thought really qualified as necessarily "awesome" we asked.

The coach told us....."He never complains when asked to swim more," "He swims his hardest every time and does whatever we ask." "He always helps put supplies away without being asked," "He helps the coaches pick up everyone else's trash"

OK......does anyone else find this sad???? I am thrilled that this is the way he behaves...IT IS THE WAY WE RAISED HIM TO BEHAVE!!!!!! It is sad that this sets him apart! These are not over and above things....these are things that EVERY parent should be teaching and requiring of their children!!! What does this say about the state of our children as a whole. Marshall told me last night on the way home......"Thanks for making me do those is paying off now" That sure made me proud! Marshall has sometimes been a reluctant leader and a coaxed follower.....but the last year we have seen a huge difference in him and he is certainly becoming a strong servant leader.....that is the best kind!

Think about Jesus....He is our example of great leadership and He was certainly strong and courageous but He was the greatest example of serving. There was not a job that was beneath him! God help me to be a servant leader!

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