Friday, February 12, 2010


OK....Lindsey auditioned and MADE it for an international talent company. Very proud of her...very expensive....she wrote a great essay and was awarded a scholarship....awesome...still expensive. So I started thinking of ways that I could get extra money. I spend 400 a month on groceries and we have plenty. We are soooo stocked right now so I have issued myself a challenge. Spend 10 a week until the end of March for milk, eggs and anything that is free. We will eat from our overstock otherwise. I will keep you updated on how this works out. We have to come up with 380 each month for the next 5 months. If I can actually do month down 4 more to come up with!!!


Brittany said...

WOW! Please keep me updated on this!

Lori said...

Yipee, Yahoo, Hooray! This is so exciting and we are very proud of Lindsey!

It's amazing what the FOOD budget can buy isn't it? I'm doing the same thing with my food envelope . . . sneaking money out for life experiences for my kids - where there's a will there's a way!

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