Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Shopping

Well I have officially started our $10 a week journey for a month. I am oh so excited about the journey. It does take much planning but I really think it will be doable. This week I bought:

2 gallons of milk
18 eggs
lg box of Raisin Bran(50 cents at Publix)
lg package beef bologna
1 pk feminine thingys :)

I have $1.02 left for the week.......I will wait and see what is on an amazing sale at Publix starting on Thursday.

I am so excited to do this....It has made me think.....I may return to my $400 a month and restock very intentionally and see how long it takes me to do this again.....We desperately need new flooring.....that may be a way of getting it.

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