Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blessing pictures

I wrote about how we do a special celebration for our kids when they turn parents also do a special outing with them as well. My daddy arranged a trip to Ft. Benning in south GA where the Army Ranger school is located. We told Marshall that he could choose 1 friend to go with him and he chose his other grandfather! How awesome is that....he wanted to spend time with both of them! So we let him choose another friend and he chose Evan Apon. He loves to spend time with Evan and his father died 10 years ago......Marshall said "all my friends have dads to take them...I think Evan will have the most fun with us." Below is a picture of all of them. Eric's dad, Marshall, Evan, my daddy After watching an amazing show of all the fire power..including tanks....they actually got to shoot the weapons...with real ammo! This is Marshall with a machine gun.

They had a blast! What amazing memories! Thanks Tom and Daddy for taking off work and making this amazing memory with my boy....young man that is!

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Lcpl Parker said...

Nice. 240 and a mk 19.

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