Friday, October 16, 2009

Questions 2

What made you decide to home school your children? My motivation for schooling my kids is very different today than it was 12 years ago when Lindsey was 4. Lindsey's birthday is September 24 so she was going to have to wait a year to enter school. I usually tell parents that it is best to wait especially with boys....and I have with some of my other kids.....but Lindsey was so mature for her age....I couldn't imagine having her wait. We decided to home school so that she could start school when we thought it was the right time. I am so glad that we made that decision all those years ago...the fruits are immeasurable!

Who taught you to cook? My mama!!!! She is an amazing cook. She hardly ever uses are a recipe and she makes wonderful home cooked meals all the time. Because she gave me the confidence by giving me a good base....I have learned to throw all sorts of things together. I enjoy cooking very simple meals.....lots of fresh vegetables and fruit with a good grilled, baked or broiled meat!

Do your sisters like to cook? Both of my sisters are good cooks. One enjoys cooking but as a single, working, homeschooling mom......she is really busy. My other sister..HATES to cook! She does it because she has to but she can't stand to be in the kitchen. I seriously do not understand this!!!

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