Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I wanted to pass along a little tip to you guys. Do you have an Aldi nearby? If you have one anywhere near your travels or your husbands, it is well worth stopping in for certain fresh veggies, milk, and frozen items. Actually I buy lots of things there like the blue corn chips family loves these! And the price is wonderful!

I am REALLY picky about where I buy my meat......some things I can let slide but not meat. Last Thanksgiving my friend Jennifer at "Smelling Coffee" wrote about buying a spiral sliced ham and how wonderful it I tried it...wonderful. So a few weeks ago I really stepped out and bought 90/10 hamburger meat??? I prepared it with a back-up plan in mind....seriously that is how goofy I am about meat. Oh my goodness it was wonderful and cheaper than anything I have seen around here! I was sure it was a fluke and I did not want to pass along anything to you until I tried it again....last night was our 3rd round of using it...bought at 3 different times. It is so good! I haven't tried any steaks or chicken but I will be! I have tried their frozen fish...great!

I am so sorry to those of you who do not have an Aldi near you??? Back to sick babies!!

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