Friday, October 9, 2009

My New Brother!!

My youngest...Luke has been asking for some time about "asking Jesus into his heart," and he was wonderfully saved over a week ago!! He loves to say...your my mom and my sister!

At our house.....we teach our kids about how much Jesus loves them from the first time we lay eyes on them....we pray for their salvation from the time we know we are pregnant. I can remember holding my babies in my arms when they were hours old and telling them...."I love you so much but Jesus loves you more and He laid His life down for you" Of course I do not think they know what in the world I was talking about, but I wanted to start their time with me out by sharing about Jesus. So we are always talking about Jesus and how much He loves us and how He wants a personal relationship with each of us but we do not ask our children if they want to ask Jesus into their heart...why??? I'm glad you asked! :)

I you ask most 2 year-olds who have heard a Bible story....if they want Jesus to live in their hearts they will tell you yes... so we wait for them to start asking questions. It has been the same with all five of our different ages (4,5,6,6,&7) they have started asking more personal questions. We love that process!! For our children...that process has lasted from 3 to 8 months, and it is so amazing to watch as the Holy Spirit begins to draw them. They ask more personal questions...more thoughtful questions. Sometime I will have to write about each of them and what a blessing that process was with them. It was interesting how they came with such different questions and a different thought process. YOu know the Lord tells us to bring up our children in the way they should go...or in their bend.....and I believe that He deals with us in the same manner. My kids had such different questions it was evident that He was working on their hearts in "their bend"......the Lord is so amazing!

So he is my "son and my brother"!!!!

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