Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sick Babies

No one really likes to be sick but if you have to be sick....this is the place for it. I have two sick children today. They are propped up in my bed watching TV, drinking Sprite, and eating soup, crackers and Jello. Why is this good.....They all love my bed...they are sure that it is the coziest bed in the whole house.....and while it is a good mattress.....given to us by Eric's parents...I really think it is psychological! It's mama's bed!!!!! Then we have the Sprite....we do not keep soft drinks in our house.....occasionally for a birthday party.......and of course we make a QT run on Friday and they get a fountain drink or a frozen coffee....but other than that I do not buy them. So getting the opportunity to drink them all day from a straw in a large cup right by MY bed....WOOHOO!!! And to top it all off...a TV in the room!!! Another thing we rarely do except for the weekends( a little bit) is watch TV....and certainly not for hours on end! But when you are sick.....hours of TV and food in MY bed at your beckoned call between naps! I should get sick!!! :) Love those Babies!!!

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Smelling Coffee said...

Well, I'm so sorry you have sick ones at home, but it sounds like even now, you are using the day to make memories! Praying for you all right now...

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