Tuesday, October 13, 2009


When our children turn 13 we give them a "Blessing" party. We teach our children from the time that they are old enough to learn about the importance of purity not just sexual but also purity in thought and action. We teach them about the importance of personal integrity and most of all we teach them about how important it is to have an intimate relationship with Jesus! A Blessing party is a symbolic time of putting away childish things and moving into young adulthood. We try to pour wisdom and encouragement into them in a special night.

When Lindsey turned 13 we had her friends and their mothers, along with grand mothers over for a special dinner. Each girl wrote Lindsey a beautiful letter and each mother spoke encouragement and wisdom into her life. Then Lindsey and I took a trip...just the two of us and enjoyed great mother daughter time!

Marshall turned 13 in June and I came across the pictures from it today and I thought I would share it with you. He had a great time and the men who attended were such a blessing to him. He and Eric are going to go this Fall on a hunting trip....pray for Eric...remember the camping trip in the back yard?????

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Smelling Coffee said...

How very special! Our son just turned 13. I wish we had known to do something like this. Maybe we'll start the tradition when he's 14! ; -)

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