Monday, July 5, 2010

AMTC Day 1

The pictures below are actually in reverse order....thumbs up from Lindsey because we are in a clean hotel! Pitiful face because of the horrible hotel along with a picture of the room that does NOT do it justice! And she and I on the plane!

Oh my would not believe our first day here!!! We started at the Gaylord Palms Resort..yesterday...after flying in for free!!..thanks RD. We met our roommates for the week....very sweet mother and her 13 year old daughter. We were relieved because when you are sharing a room for a 8 days with someone it could be really awesome or awful! the Gaylord was over the top beautiful...but we are ignorant "high end" travelers! We were getting a "deal" because of AMTC for $149 a night off of the normal $ we go to check in and they start adding things this may sound good because there is an amazing spa at the Gaylord..but the spa fee is for the use of the gym and the pool...thing about it is it isn't optional! Then there was the fee to have a teeny tiny refrigerator in the room..again it comes with the room it isn't optional....a fee for the transportation to and from Disney...we are NOT going to Disney! After they were done it was $200 a night!

This may not seem like a big deal but for 8 nights on a shoe string budget it was HUGE! We found out that we didn't have to stay at the Gaylord although they would like for you we decided to leave....I wish I could go into the whole story but it would be really long...but it is really funny! We started changing hotels at 11 this morning...we were briefly at a scuzzy Days Inn...Lindsey was in tears...we changed hotels in the rain lugging 3 HUGE suitcases across 6 lanes of Orlando traffic...long story but we didn't have a car...Now we are in a very hotel for less than half of the other one and we even get free breakfast in the morning :)I am thrilled to have this time with Lindsey! Pray for her tomorrow is her biggest competition!

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