Saturday, July 3, 2010

crazy mama tip

Ok...I know of two of my closest friends who read my blog and I know that they are going to just die that I would write about know who you are!.......but here goes!

About 3 years ago...I accidentally bought my son the wrong kind and size of underwear...this has turned out to be one of the greatest discoveries in my wardrobe life! I accidentally bought men's..boxer briefs...well time passed and I didn't return them so I thought I would try them out myself! Oh my word! They are amazing! They are over the top comfortable but the greatest thing for those of us who have birthed children and have that little or big(as in my case!) bulge but you don't want to wear a girdle....these are awesome! A little extra support without the tightness of a girdle.

Yesterday to my utter despair I only had the regular granny panties in my drawer because of all the packing that I am doing...I was forced to wear them all day..yuck! It was awful...give my my "man panties" any day!

Now for those of you who have birthed babies and and still wear a size 2...well this is not advice that you might need! And you should for sure make sure that your husband isn't going to have heart failure if you show up with them on! :)

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