Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So what happened at AMTC?

This is a picture with Carey Arban and Lindsey on the last day.

Lindsey and I got home after a very long delay at the airport.....we got home at midnight and I had to get Benjamin packed and ready to leave for elementary camp the next morning. Lindsey slept in her bed then started repacking to go to Washington for 4 days with SLU.....It has been crazy to say the least. I have been decompressing for over a week!

I have lots to share over the next few days...but Lindsey did amazing...she received 3 call backs from NY 1 from Atlanta and she won a $1000 scholarship to the NY Conservatory! The proof is on the next month or so...she has already been contacted by some of the agents....where will it go now...well we will see. She hopes to get some work here in the Atlanta market with print work or commercial type stuff. She would LOVE to do something with Sherwood films...we will see what the Lord has in store! She is open...she made Eric and I very proud with the way she represented us but more importantly the way she represented the Lord! Weather she was interviewing with a big wig from NY like Barry Shapiro or signing autographs she didn't miss a chance to talk about Jesus and encourage others. And yes it was very weird to see her sign autographs!!


Brittany said...

So proud of her and excited to see what the Lord has in store!

musicalmary said...

Hi Michele - I heard you speak today at the SE Homeschool Expo. Thank you for your inspiring workshop -- and I'm happy to find your blog today as well!

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