Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Modesty part A

When I start to write a new post I always try to think about how to write something so that it doesn't come across judgmental...but I'm just going to tell you...I'm not a "fluff" kind of gal! I like the straight forward direct approach. I have learned some grace over the years...a little??? I have also learned to try really hard NOT to give my opinion about a subject in every conversation and I have also learned over the years that just because someone asks for my opinion.....they might not really want to hear it. These days if someone asks for my thoughts on a subject that I KNOW is going to be directly opposed to theirs...I will say something like, "Are you sure you want to hear what I think?"

I get emails with lots of subjects that bring this kind of controversy.One such subject is what we allow our daughters to do we handle if you don't want my opinion you should skip on right now to the next blog. :) I will start off by saying that for this post I am not talking about gothic/dark clothing. While it certainly is not immodest for the most does many times reveal deeper issues that should be addressed. So when I am talking about style...I am NOT talking about this dark sinister fashion that is going on today.

I do better in short bursts so here goes!

*Modesty starts not let your 4 year old dress like a hoochie mama (do ya'll know what that is?) It is hard to let them dress a certain way and then suddenly change that when they get older?

*Let your girls have their own style. Your girls do not need to have YOUR fashion sense. You don't even have to like it??? Really you don't! Example...One of my daughters is a fashion queen....and she puts the strangest things....colors, jewelry, layers of clothes.....together. I do not always like it..not because it is immodest but because it just isn't my style.....but it doesn't matter...she likes it and feels good about herself!

* We have taught our girls that God made their bodies and that they are beautiful! We have also taught them that boys are sight creatures and that when you dress in such a manor as to "show off the goods" are making it so much harder for them to lead a life of purity. I want them to show themselves freely to their husbands one day.....but not to everyone else along the way!

*What you wear says something about you! Like it or not! It may not be "truth" but it does make a statement! If every time you saw me I had a basketball uniform would probably conclude that I play or like basketball.....of which neither is true...but it would be a logical assumption! If you were going into an interview for an executive position and you were over the top would not stroll in with greasy hair, flip flops, shorts and a tank top.....why....because even though you may be qualified....people make an assumption based on how you look!!! Why can we see this in ALL other areas of life but not in this one????? Moms will say "she just feels pretty dressed this way....she doesn't mean anything by it" or.... my all time favorite...."The boys should learn to control themselves"

Well my response to that is bless your heart! OK this is getting to long but I still have much to I will do a part B tomorrow!

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