Thursday, April 29, 2010

Modesty Part B

If you are reading this one for the first time you might want to scroll down and read the part A......on to my thoughts:

*What are some guidelines that we have given our girls

1. If you lean forward and someone can see down your shirt you might want to reconsider...this has happened to many of us even if we are covered appropriately....yes this even happened to me...with my pastor??????? not even joking....I leaned over to tell him and his wife something and he jumped up really fast and I thought that was odd.....didn't hit me until later that I had given them both the full view...bless their hearts??? Probably scarred him for life!!! :(
2. If you bend over and I can see your underwear....enough said!
3. If you raise your hands and your whole mid section might want something longer....this can be remedied by wearing a longer a tank...underneath.
4. Because many computers screen our certain words...I am going to call the top area B...catch my drift? Seriously I can't believe that this even needs to be said but seeing what I see in CHURCH from teenagers and MOTHERS!!! Please do not show your B's...even if you are small chested....if your dress or blouse is low cut IT IS INAPPROPRIATE! When the Bible says "and her B's shall satisfy him" tells us two things...first...they are powerful! 2nd they are for "her husband"!!!! Why do we think that dressing pretty and feminine = sexy?????
5. Ask yourself the question..."Am I totally cool wearing what I am wearing if Jesus in the flesh walks up?".....He really is here you know?
6. At my house we love boys tank tops....they are longer and girls use them under all kinds of shirts that might not otherwise be something low cut or strapless.
7. Again can't believe that this needs to be said....but if a word or saying is written across the bottom or across a tight shirt...where do you think the attention is supposed to go? Why do we think this is cute???

Lastly....and this may seem contrary to all the other things that I have said....don't be judgmental....why...glad you asked!

1.How many times have you realized after you were out that something was a little too short or lower than you realized....certainly that has happened to most of us and especially to a young growing girl who's body is changing quickly. This should be an ut-oh moment and not an ongoing issue :)
2.Our standards may be different...for instance we let our 16 year old wear a spaghetti strap dress to her formal met our standards of not being low but you may totally disagree and think that showing shoulder is too much. There will always be differences in what each family does...and that is the end I am responsible and will have to answer for my kids and not yours.
3.This last one is really just for Christians.....we tend to put more emphasis on the outer than the inner.....there may be a young lady or woman who isn't saved or is a young Christian....maybe she has always thought that to get attention from a man she needed to dress need to be patient and understanding! You need to busy yourself with helping clean the inside first.

I would LOVE your feedback!


Brittany said...

LOVE it and completely agree!

Smelling Coffee said...

These truths were well said and explained. Those are the same rules I use, and I've taught my daughter. I think when you start from the toddler years talking about modesty, it becomes "normal".

Also, I like what you said about not judging. We must obey and act on our own convictions and love others, even when they aren't convicted the same as we are.

Great posts, Michele...

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