Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Have you ever been guilty of viewing your child's different views as rebellion? I have! I had to learn some time ago to view things through the lens of...is this sinful? I will give you an example...My very nice looking son....(just my opinion:))...would look really nice in khakis and a polo shirt every week for church. He prefers shorts and a t-shirt.....while I do not find t shirts and shorts sinful....I also do not find bathing suits and pajamas sinful either but he can't wear them to church...but....at our church it is very common for the kids to dress down so after talking we came to a compromise...he wears nice shorts and a polo or a nice t-shirt...the kind without holes or writing on them. :)

I do not think that his wanting to wear shorts to our church shows a lack of character....but I so think that if I am ALWAYS pushing my way as the only way...I will push him away.....so is his wanting to wear shorts a sign of rebellion..NO it is just a style preference...but I could make it all about rebellion if I wanted to....I don't think that would be pleasing to the Lord.....within reason I don't think the Lord really cares what we wear as much as He wants us to live a life of holiness? If we spent the same amount of effort teaching our kids to...love the Lord your God with all your heart...as we do complaining about all the style choices they make....we would see a difference in our kids!

Remember I said is it sinful.....I will absolutely stand my ground on immoral, sinful or disrespectful issues! Love those babies!!!!!


Kasey said...

I have to pick my battles. We have had the same conversation at our house. I want them to love going and worshipping as much as we do, I do not want them to think it is a bunch of "rules" that they are being forced to follow. I encourage them to make wise choices. But I do have the final say if anything is questionable :)
I love your blog!

Michele Helms said...

You are so sweet! Yep....I for sure have the final say as well. Let us know when you are going snowbird again...we would love to join up.

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