Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Do you ever remember being told to never pray for humility because God may give you something to be humble about?? I have been praying that the Lord would grow my faith. I want to have such faith in Jesus that it is never an issue weather or not I'm going to trust Him.

If your child comes to my house and stands at the top of our steps and my husband tells them to jump to him....there is going to be hesitation...but not with my kids...why....because they trust him...he has never dropped them.....he is dependable....he is strong....they KNOW him. Your kids do not know him so of course they are hesitant!

I don't want to be hesitant with the Lord!!!! And yet I still find myself standing at the top of the stairs saying things like...are you sure...now.....it looks scary...I know you have caught me before but are you telling me to jump again??...I don't think I heard you clearly, could you say it again about 20 times!!....and sometimes sadly I just stand there and cry or sulk!! :( Does this mean that I don't KNOW Him well enough?

We have some ministry opportunities coming up and we are going to have to trust Him in a big way for provision. Here is a teaser....Eric is talking with an organization that wants him to go to another country for 10 days and be a part of a team that will be speaking in 200 public schools. These things are expensive.....God is able to supply...are we supposed to go......what about the other opportunities....are we supposed to do them? Please pray for us. I am going to pray for wisdom!

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