Sunday, March 7, 2010

You are the parent!

I have written and rewritten this post several times and every time it sounds so ridiculous.... here is the bottom line...Parents....parent!!! That is intentional....hard is grace and mercy mixed with disciplin and hard decisions. I have a great relationship with my kids...I love spending time with them....I love to laugh and play...I love to hear their heart....I love to hear their dreams and their hurts and fears......It takes so much time to listen and talk and listen and hug and listen.....but hand in hand with that relationship that I am intentional about.....comes the discipline and the hard decisions. Parenting is hard and for some reason parents feel powerless. I'm not sure why this is but many parents just shrug their shoulders or throw their hands up in exasperation as if they have no choice in the matter......get in is a race.....GO.....PARENT!

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Rachel @ Living The Blessed Life said...

AMEN!!!!! It's what's wrong with society today. Parents have just stopped parenting. Thus we have generation of kids raising themselves. Mine won't be some of them. Of that I am determined!!!

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