Friday, March 26, 2010


I believe that most Bully's learn their technique at home. Sometimes they are bullied by fathers, uncles or whoever is the male figure in their lives and that is so wrong! I am going to address sibling bulling. It is interesting to me that parents let their children make mean intimidating comments to their brothers and sisters while parents are in ear shot and then the parents are surprised that their child is bulling someone at school or church????

One of my kids greatly struggles in reading. I have younger kids who read at a higher level than this child. I was working with another mom who's child struggles with reading as well and she commented that one of the hardest things for her child was that her sister always made little jokes about her reading skills. My response...That isn't joking....that is bulling. She looked at me like I was nuts. I don't have that problem because that isn't tolerated here! If you can't find something positive to say...keep your mouth shut! Mom's do not allow your children to make fun of each other. When my kids say...I was just joking.....I remind them that it is only a joke if both parties think it is funny! Even with that comment we have to be careful because I have one child who laughs even when she is offended to keep from crying. I want my kids to be able to joke around and to be able to laugh at themselves....and we talk about those things all the time...especially with my more "sensitive" children, :) but seriously I am shocked at how cruel siblings can be and the parents will make some ridiculous comment like.....sibling rivalry!!??

As parents we are supposed to be teaching them and training them. It is not easy.....they do not learn because you tell them one time to be nice to each other! It is a full time job! It is a hard job! Oh but it is a rewarding job! Love those babies!

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