Saturday, March 20, 2010

Perfect Roast

I grew up on roast......amazing roast! Everyone who came to our house on Sunday ate my mama's roast and they all moaned and groaned because it was so amazing. The great thing is that is so very simple! I like Eye Round because of the way it slices but I also buy other bottom round. The main thought behind good roast is low heat for a long time! Since I am using the oven so long...I load it up...I buy 2 whole eye round......about 5-7 pounds each....I serve it the first night with veggies and then I separate enough meat for "French Dip" sandwiches the second night. I divide the rest of the meat into meal size portions for more "French Dip" sandwiches and freeze for later.

So here we go...I promise you are going to love this! Preheat oven to 250
Rinse the not cut off the me!
Place each piece of meat in a large oven safe dutch oven or large pan.
Sprinkle the top of the roast with garlic salt and pepper....plain ole table pepper...the dusty kind....I've tried the course variety...not so good. You want to use a whole lot of pepper.....cover the roast(like in the picture below). With the garlic salt you want a good even coating but not as heave as the pepper...I'm sorry that is the best that I can is hard when you cook without recipes! :)

Put 1 cup of water into the bottom of each pan, cover tightly with foil as I did or if you are using a large dutch oven...put the lid on! I put the meat in the oven at 11 PM before I went to bed. may wake up in the middle of the night really...really hungry! I cooked 2 whole roasts for 14 hours at 250. If you have less time you can go to 300 for 7 -8 hours. I checked them at 12, and 13 hours, I wanted them to be fork tender.

When they were done...I turned the oven off and mixed up the goodness for the top. First mix the Au Jus Gravy according to the package...I used 3 packages for all the meat I made. Now you have a few choices at this point. I usually remove the meat from the pan......dip off the fat......strain the juice and combine with the Au Jus.....but this time....I left the meat so long that all the juice was gone....there was just dark coating left so I just used the Au Jus mixture....still delish! You can thicken the gravy at this point with corn starch.....I'll show you that trick another time....we prefer our gravy mom prefers it thick...same great taste...different texture.

Now put the meat on a large cutting board......See how crusty the outside is......oh that is so good....sometimes mine isn't quite this crusty.....that is fine as are looking for fork tender.

Now you will want to trim the meat first. There will be a layer of fat that will come off very easily...Just cut and pull with at fork and knife.

Turn the roast until you see this membrane....pull it will come off in big sections. You will mainly see this on eye round roasts.

Now for the fun part.....thin slices.......OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This is making me hungry! Put the slices back in the pan and poor the Au Jus gravy all over it....I try to let it sit about 30 min. in the gravy...covered! Heavenly!

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