Friday, August 21, 2009


12 years ago my husband and his brother, Brent, started making picks of who they thought would win each week in all the NFL games. Whoever wins at the end of each year gets "The Helmsman" award...which is a trophy that they add a medal plate to each year with the date and the winner for the season. That brother gets to keep the trophy for the year along with bragging rights. This past year our son Benjamin wanted to join Eric decided to make a "Helmsman Kids" award. If the truth be known Benjamin beat his father and his uncle with the most picks. Eric found the time to male the trophy and start a new tradition with our kids. They are all excited to join in this year and make their picks....this football season should be interesting!
Kids LOVE traditions!! I would love to hear about yours!

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Brittany said...

What a great tradition and wonderful memories for your kids!

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