Monday, August 3, 2009

Menu for Aug. 3-9

Breakfast: Cereal, French Toast ( I made 48 extra pieces this morning for the week and froze them...I'll post the video I took this morning later :) ) Oatmeal, Grits, Toast and Eggs.

Lunch: Grilled cheese, PB&J, Turkey, egg salad dinner left-overs, Cheese roll ups, Salad, fruit, pickles, blue corn chips and baked crackers.

snacks: carrots, protein fruit smoothies ( I get my protein from Shaklee...expensive but oh so healthy and a "grand-ma treat"), apples, grapes, banana bread, cheese, yogurt, baked crackers and whole wheat choc. chip muffins.

The above stuff doesn't change very much from week to week.

Monday: baked chicken with ritz crackers, mac & cheese, salad, baked pot. and carrots

Tuesday: grilled chicken, corn on the cob, green beans, oven baked potatoes

Wednesday: salad with sliced grilled chicken( I'll make enough Tuesday for Wed. ), bread, strawberries & grapes cut up together.

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner....eggs, bacon, toast, grits, hash browns

Friday: grilled flank steak, baked pot., salad, steamed veggies, brownies (we usually have Pizza on Friday night but we are cooking for a family who's father is serving in Iraq so we wanted to make it special)

Saturday: We are going to a pool party so we will pack sandwiches & baked crackers.

Sunday: Pork Roast, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, bread, any and all fruit and raw veggies still left


Julie said...

Hi Michelle,

Can you explain what "baked crackers" are?

Are the listings at southernsavers always when the prices are at their absolute lowest? Or is it more like a running list of available coupons?

Thank you so much!

Michele Helms said...

Baked fish, cheez- its are a few examples. Southern Savers is going to list the lowest prices. That is why I love it...I don't have to figure that out.

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