Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My pastor, Johnny Hunt, preached 2 amazing sermons this past week...AM and can go here to view them. Aug. 3 A Flower Quickly Fading part 1 &2. Anyway, he said many things that hit a cord with me.....some encouraged me some were used to put a pin point on an area that needed some work or surrender to the Lord!

He said something that I have dealt with so many times with others over the years....."If God is such a loving God then why are there people all over the world who are starving?" I have been asked this so many times by those who are looking for answers. I am in total agreement with what my pastor said and I am so glad that he addressed it corporately!

God chooses to use us here on this earth....Yes, He could literally speak it and there would be no more hunger....just as he could speak it and the economy would be better, orphans would have homes, widows would have enough! It is so easy to look at God and say...why......and here we stand with ALL the resources we need to solve those problems ourselves be we who are blessed....I 'm not talking the super rich here..I'm talking those of us who have a roof over our heads and enough food to share....are stingy with our time, talents and resources! Why are we not working to be a part of the solution? Some are!!! Like these guys! But what about the rest of us? Are we praying and open to let the Lord lead us to be a part of the solution....we have the resources!!!!! HE already supplied them!!!!

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Smelling Coffee said...

Such a great explanation of a very difficult truth to understand. Thanks for sharing it! :-)

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