Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday's Shopping

Oh boy did I have a great shopping is the list and later tonight I will post my menu for this week.

4...gallon milks @1.49 each (the only thing that I do not like about the milk is that they do not carry 1%)
red grapes 2.99
lg baking potatoes 10lb 3.49
6 doz eggs @.69 each
6 tomatoes 1.99
strawberries 1.99
lemons 1.99
avocado 1.29
organic blue corn chips 3@ 1.69



3 Mueller whole wheat spag.
6 cheerios
4 Brownie mix
6 Boxes Dog treats
1 Kraft BBQ
2 Mt Olive Dill Pickles
2 Toothpaste....arm n hammer
Ritz Crackers
4 country crock spread
10 packages steam in bag frozen veggies
4 Yoplait
2 six pack water bottles ( this was the penny item)
Pace picante sauce


Total spent $ weekly budget for the 7 of us is $70 so I have $13 to spend at BJ's for meat.

CVS was great this week as well...I only spent .52 out of pocket and I got

2 lg Stayfree Maxi pads
2 notebooks
5 bottles of soft soap bpdy wash
and bunch of rain checks for items that they were out of stock on!


C.M.S. Academy said...

Let me just say that I was AMAZED at your session this weekend at the Georgia Homeschool Convention. My friend, Tonya, and I were so encouraged and excited to begin our "couponing" and "CVS'ing". I went to CVS today and they were also out of a lot of things that were on the ECB list. I asked for a rain check and they said that they could not give one on any of the three day specials. Do you know why? Thanks again:)

Michele Helms said...

Thank you for the kind words...I do not know why you could not get a rain check??? I got several for the school supplies at my CVS

Julie said...

Hi Michelle,
I was also so completely inspired and excited about changing my shopping habits after your session on Friday. I got a CVS card, I bought 2 papers and set up my coupon tub. I checked out southernsavers....then I got stuck. I want (and NEED) so badly to make this work, but as soon as I got to the site, I felt very overwhelmed. Is this something that just takes a few weeks to start getting used to, and soon it'll be second nature? Should I just limit my shopping to CVS and one other (Publix or Kroger), or try to do all 3? What about the "printable" coupons online? Are they worth chasing (I feel like I could-and have-spent hours on the site!), or should I simplify and just stick with the 2 Sunday papers' coupons that I clipped? I'm sorry to take up so much of your time, but I really want to get the hang of this quickly!
Thanks so much!!

Michele Helms said...

Julie, Yes I promise it DOES get easier!!! Get a double paper, cut and file but it will take a little while to build up so that you have the coupon matches found on southern savers. Some items you will start seeing in the next few weeks and some it will be 6 weeks. If you want the deals now you will need to use the printable coupons whenever you can. You might want to just clip your coupons for a few weeks...LOOK at Southern savers to get a feel for it and actually shop at CVS for the freebies that do not use coupons.

Julie said...

Thanks for the advice! Also, is it easier to just stick with one chain (Publix or Kroger), and CVS each week, or should I price compare items each week (seems like a lot of time!)?
I'm determined to make this work, so thank you soooo much for your help!

Michele Helms said...

Julie, When I first started this stuff...I would drive myself nuts going all over the place so that I wouldn't miss any deals in my area!! It was NUTS!!I only go to Publix on a weekly basis..however I do scan the other stores and will go for "unbelievable" deals but I will not typically go for 1 or 2 small things. I would suggest that you stick with one or the other for the next few weeks until you get a feel for how this all works and then choose your favorite to regularly shop at and just scan the other for good deals. Kroger and Publix both have their strong points....Publix with B1G1 and Kroger has many mark downs and usually has better sales on meats...their normal prices are cheaper than Publix. You will save money at either that you choose!

Julie said...

Whew! That makes it more clear--thank you!
LAST question---hopefully!--
Do you do a lot of the "printable" items from southern savers, or just the paper ones?
I can't thank you enough for your time!

Michele Helms said...

At this stage in my couponing I print on average 4-6 coupons a week.....some weeks nothing but not ever more than 6.

rmskaggs said...

I also heard you in Atlanta and I WAS excited to start until I got super confused on southern I have a question, what happens if you miss a Sunday paper? Also, I am not sure I understand how you get all the free stuff at CVS. I have a card, now what?

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