Friday, August 14, 2009

Inexpensive meals

I am trying to spend even less than normal at the store this week because we have some extra expenses......when you coupon you usually have a good extra stash of food so this is not really difficult. I found ground beef on sale for 1.49 a pound and I bought 6 pounds. I usually do not eat this much ground beef in a week but this week we did...are! I browned half of it and used part for tacos the first night with shells I already had on hand from a previous coupon stocking, cheese stocked from Kroger sale 2 weeks ago and free lettuce from came in the mail.... yeah!!.....the other half of browned meat I put in the freezer after I rinsed it for soup on Saturday. I rinse all browned ground meat with hot water in a colander to get all the extra fat off.

I will add Frozen mixed veggies, free last week at Publix.... Hunts Tomato sauce.... almost free from Publix a month ago and the ground beef in my freezer from the beginning of the week and some spices and make a big pot of soup tomorrow. YUM!!!

With the other half of meat I made hamburgers and we grilled them on Tuesday...Oh so good!

We also made: #1 breakfast this week...eggs, toast, hash browns, grits....I already had all this. #2 Grilled chicken veggies and baked potatoes we had this twice...all stuff I already had and I only added milk, bread and a few things that I got for almost free!

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