Friday, August 14, 2009

Coupon Boxes

What is a coupon box you might ask?? Well when I go to speak about cutting your grocery budget in half....Yes! I really can show you how to do that!! So many people asked about my box so I decided to sell it! It really is an ordinary box with legal sized envelopes...but the great part is all the pre-printed categories. When I first started couponing I had a small box with dividers.....broad categories.....I then went to the envelope system and as my envelopes would get so crowded I would make new categories and divide again. This box is made up of 50 categories so that you can file your coupons and easily find them when the items go on sale. It sells for $10 when I speak and $12 through my web site to cover postage.

You can order one here...Driven to Encourage Ministries

If you host a "Money Saving Mama" workshop..I'll give you one for free!

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Brittany said...

These are awesome!

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