Saturday, December 12, 2009


I don't remember if I have already written about this or not??? I have so many things swirling around in my head......I am always thinking..I'll write about that.....then I can't remember if I actually wrote or just thought about it???? Nuts..... I know :)

Think back to your childhood.....think quick about 10 of the best gifts that you received as a kid. Most of us could probably do that if given some time....but not quickly.......usually only a few actually stand out. But if asked to quickly name the things that you associate with Christmas....that is easy....for me it would be something like this......Grandma's house, cousins, driving looking at Christmas lights, hilarious party we always attended with cheap gag gifts, baking and decorating cookies, Christmas Pageant we put on at the Smith's house, lots of food, Candle light service at church, Reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve from a very large family Bible, caroling, helping a needy family. (now that I am older I know that WE were needy but my parents were so generous they took on more)

My point....your kids will not remember most of the gifts that you buy for them but they will remember and cherish the traditions! Make memories with your kids, show them a generous spirit, establish traditions and don't let them forget the awesomeness of the fact that Jesus came to save the world!!!!

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