Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Driven to Encourage Newsletter


What an amazing Savior! We are overwhelmed at His goodness. What a sacrifice He made to humble Himself and come to earth for us! We are so proud to serve Him.

Did you know that there are over 200 middle and high schools in a 50 mile radius of our home? Eric has had the privileged of speaking at 18 of them since September of this year.

148 youth have indicated that they prayed to receive Christ. Praise the Lord!!

We want to reach all of them! The door is open in public schools....that truly is a God thing!

The platforms to share Jesus that are right here under our noses are endless.

Since September 35 players, cheerleaders, and coaches prayed to receive Christ through the Crown Athletic Program!!!

I was reading in the book of Romans this week and I was reminded of Paul's many missionary journeys. Not only was Paul willing to go but others were willing to send him. Romans 15:22-33 Paul needed others praying, encouraging, giving and joining him in the work God called him to. You all have been that for us! We continually need you all in this journey! We are overjoyed at Gods blessing. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you for standing with us!

Below is a list of things we are trusting and believing God for. Please join us in faith and prayer. We would love to pray for you as well. Please email us with any of your prayer requests!

Merry Christmas,

Eric, Michele, Lindsey, Marshall, Emily, Benjamin, and Luke

*Pray that those who became Christians would grow!

*Pray that the Helms family would grow deeper and deeper in love with Jesus.

*Pray for upcoming speaking opportunities and for softened hearts of those who attend.

Specific things we are trusting God for:

*New interactive web site.....$1500

*Funds for mission trip opportunities to share the gospel.....$7000

*Provisions for part time office help....$12,000

*We give every new believer a 90 day devotion to get them started studying Gods word...we need to order more..Praise God!......$300

*Funds to have Bibles and study helps available to those in need........$750

*50% deficit the ministry budget. While we do not spend what we do not have, the shortfall means two things....#1... There are ministry opportunities we can't participate in. #2....There are household things that need to be fixed.

*Our home church FBC Woodstock filmed and is putting together an amazing DVD for Eric. We are not sure where or how these need to be distributed but the Lord does!

We love you all and we will let you know how the Lord meets these needs.

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