Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Perfect hamburgers

I love homemade hamburgers but I do not like getting the meat under my nails and around my ring. Then my hands are really greasy and if you have to make a whole bunch it takes a while?? Until I came up with this little trick!! You will need wax paper a spoon and 2 salad plates. Put a piece of wax paper down on the plate and spoon a scoop of meat onto the paper.
Next put another piece of wax paper down and then the second plate and push down until the desired thickness.
Look a perfect patty and no goop under my nails!!!
I stack them like this.....you can even freeze them like this in a plastic bag if you have extra.

Then to the grill.....just a tip on grilling hamburger meat......leave them on the first side until the juice...aka the blood...yes I know that makes some of you squeamish.....just keep your eye on the prize baby!! Where was I...Oh yes...the juice....when it comes to the top like the burger at the bottom of the above picture....then it is ready to flip. After flipping...do not press....but look for the juice to run clear. then you will have the perfect burger! I used the Aldi ground sirloin....a little salt and pepper and then YUMMY Goodness!!!!!

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