Monday, December 7, 2009

The desires of our hearts!!!

You do know that the Lord does give us the desires of our hearts...according to His purpose....we forget that last part sometimes!!!! I think that means that as we grow closer to Him....our desires begin to reflect a sincere desire to serve Him!

Anyway...I have told you that Marshall is a great swimmer......with seemingly great potential. He really wants to swim year round.....very expensive...especially when you are in ministry living completely by steady paycheck! We were told last night that Marshall would get a 50% scholarship!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Marshall will still have to come up with $90 a month...that's a lot of raking and mowing!!!! but it is doable. God is so good! Marsh has been praying for this and now he will get to trust the Lord for work to get the other $90.00 a month...that will be exciting for him and grow his faith!!

Let you kids know what it is like to trust the Lord for something!

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