Saturday, November 8, 2008

Arranged Marriages????

As my kids get older...I AM all for arranged marriages!!!! OK maybe not really...but I like the "guided" idea! I love to pick the brains of those parents who are further down the road than I am and have children who love Jesus and are serving Him. I want to know their secrets. I am sure that each child has their own will and just because a parent does "all the right things" doesn't insure that their children will always make the right decision, but some families sure seem to be blessed with kids who have made good choices. Many of these moms have shared with me a common thought.....if you do your job well when your kids are will not have the problems with your teenagers that those parents who have neglected to lay a good foundation when their kids are young have. Thus far this has been the case for us. Lindsey is 15 and delightful! She is an amazing teenager! Marshall is almost 13 and WOW the difference in him! Both were difficult headstrong little ones. Those of you who know us...know that I really didn't think I would survive Marshall!!! Parenting is not EASY.....but neither is anything worth having!

We do not allow dating here at the Helms house...I know we are strange. My kids are not of course we talk about who is cute and why. We talk alot about character. My kids have good friends of the opposite sex but we really think that "dating" is something you do when you are old enough to think about a mate....30...just joking. Why oh why do kids need to be on a date???? alone???? We have many get togethers here at our house with friends...we have dinner and watch a movie or play a game..Eric and I are always involved and love to entertain our kids friends!

I love to read Vicki Courtney's blog. I do not know her but I am sure that we would get along. Our thoughts seem to be going in the same direction. She has written quite a few times about how she is going to arrange her kids marriages. She wrote about how her oldest son doesn't want to date just to be dating...he is in college....a young man after my heart! She has a younger son...oh so adorable!! He seems to love his that!!! and has a good that!! I have decided to take her up on her general offer and arrange a marriage between Lindsey and Hayden! Check him out here and let me know what you think! Now as long as Lindsey doesn't read my blog...we can do this quietly! You can check her blog for young girls here.

Hey...Love those babies!!!

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