Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hello Friends, It sure feels good to be home!!! I have been going...going....going! I just got home from a science trip with Lindsey. She attends a Christian school once a week that specializes in science and every year they take a 5 day trip to the beach to study marine biology. It really is amazing! Those kids go from sun up till sun down.....we were at the beach but we never even got in the water...it really is a working trip. I have included a few pictures and I will write more tomorrow...for now I need to catch up on laundry!
I can tell you that it was wonderful to be away with my beautiful daughter. She is a blessing to this mama's heart!

My baby and I

Big scary crab at the research center.

These are amazing to look at but really odd!


Smelling Coffee said...

So glad you had an amazing trip with your daughter. From her blog, she seems like one special lady!

zacjparker said...


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