Monday, November 17, 2008

Is it all His

Is everything you have the Lords. What is your attitude toward your "things?" Do they have a hold on you? What about your children? Are they the Lords? As Christians we say that they are the Lords but does this show true in our attitude towards them? Have you ever borrowed something very special from a friend.....maybe a special beautiful punch bowl for a party you are having......maybe something that you could not afford yourself and you friend has loaned to you. How do you treat that item?

We do not own our children. We have been entrusted with them to take care of them and be the mentors and teachers for the Lord. They are His just as we are His. Every day we should ask the Lord to help us take good care for His possessions. All of His possessions....things and people and ourselves. It's all in the attitude.

I was recently challenged in this area. I am always saying and believing......"I do not want anything that I have to have a hold on me. Everything I have is the Lords." I even add...."I really do feel this way......I am not materialistic." Well I was having a moment with my mom a few weeks ago and I was have a giant pity party for myself. I was concerned about how the Lord was going to provide for our financial situation. I was feeling frustrated because we so live within our means and I cut corners every place I know how to cut corners and I was explaining to her that after YEARS of doing this...I AM TIRED OF IT!!!!!! I went on a mini rant about how everything in my house was used.......clothes , furniture, dishes even my carpet downstairs. I have always viewed these things as a blessing but on this day.....I just wanted to be able to afford to go and pick out something for myself ....anything!!! Well, I felt better after I got it all out to my sympathetic that evening I got alone with Jesus. He so gently(powerfully) reminded me of my own words........"nothing I have has a hold on me" so if that is REALLY true then it doesn't matter if I didn't pick it does it????? Funny how the Lord has a way of putting His finger right on that area that needs to be surrendered to Him.

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Thanks Michele! I feel like I've just read my morning devotions. That was so good and so true. I am laughing at your "kissing" story. You don't watch "The Duggars" by any chance do you? :)

I actually think that's so important to teach them. The verse that talks about purity, doesn't just mean sex, it means PURITY!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I went to your right away and I love it!

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