Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Kiss is just a Kiss????

This is Lindsey and Marshall, my 10th and 7th graders.

Emily, 6th grade and myself...boy do I look tired.
Lindsey and some of her best friends in the world!

Our family has really radical views on this subject by some standards. I have been asked to share them....for your general amusement. :) Some of you are going to say..."Wow! I like that"...some of you are going to say..."Those poor children" !! I want those of you who do not know our family personally to know that we are NOT stuffy!!!! You can't imagine the things that we talk about here! We have a great time and we know that our kids are very attracted to the opposite sex and that is the way that God designed us! That being said....

When you are kissed passionately...your body wants screams MORE! We were designed by the most creative and amazing God. He designed our bodies to be stimulated and desire more. It is an amazing plan....I know...I love to kiss my man! I also know from first hand knowledge that when you are young.....someone from the opposite sex only has to pass by you to give you goosebumps. I wish that I could tell my kids that the only man I ever desired sexually was their daddy. I can't! I'm not talking about having sex here...I am talking about kissing passionately, even at an early age....14....and desiring so much more. When my kids get older...and they are making decisions on their own...I will not be the "kiss police" they will have to make that choice for themselves but for now....we have "friends" dates and lots of fellowship with groups. For pete's sake....why on earth do kids need to be alone and kissing??? Is that not just asking for trouble. Hormones are raging enough as it is. Our oldest children are 10th, 7th and 6th grades and so far they are on board with us about has not been an issue. My thoughts are that kids need to be with their friends..having fun...and if you give them plenty of opportunities to hang out, laugh and enjoy one another you might be surprised at how this eliminates some of the need for boyfriends and girlfriends. We talk constantly about how and why they are attracted to a particular person. We also talk about the best way to put a plan in place for purity. So what do you think about the matter???

Love those babies!

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Smelling Coffee said...

I agree with this, and pray to lead our children in this way. Ours are 12 and 10, and we just started these conversations with a Passport to Purity weekend for both of them. Thanks for sharing how the Lord is leading your family with us. It is a blessing to me.

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