Monday, November 24, 2008

The Store

I was out with my kids a few days ago and my oldest was giving a piggy back ride to my youngest...15 and 6......and my oldest son was holding hands with my 4th......12 and 8 and I was arm in arm with my 11 year old. Now I must tell you that my kids are not out of control (we nipped that in the bud at early ages) but things are not always so picturesque either. My kids do get along well but they are human so of course there are times of tension or even little squabbles but for the majority of the time they are kind to one another.

We were stopped by a woman who asked if ALL these were this question in and of itself is one that we get frequently and it never ceases to amuse me....I want to revert to my sarcasm and say something like....."No, I loaded up my neighbors young children to come to Walmart just for the fun of it!!" Of course they are all mine!!! Then the next question that we also get asked quite a bit....."How do you get them to get along so well." Now if I could tell you 3 quick steps to implement right now in the middle of Walmart.....I would be very rich and I could and would hire someone to sit with my well behaved children so I could just take my oldest and throughly enjoy the experience....but the truth is there are not 3 simple steps!

It is like looking at someones well manicured, hearty and abundant garden at harvest time and say, "How did you get your garden to look like that????" LOTS AND LOTS of HARD WORK!!!! Well the same is true with my is the secret.....prayer, tears, communication, discipline, training, fun, listening, going, coming, preparing, feeding, bathing, kissing, hugging, teaching, chasing, reading to, helping, holding, singing, explaining, re-explaining, encouraging, loving, kindness, mercy, gratitude, thankfulness, salvation, Jesus, sweetness, boldness, character, and Bible....EVERY DAY........Starting when they are born! Does this look easy??!! It is huge! It is takes time and effort. Is it worth it? Yes, and I am reminded when someone stops and asks me such a silly question like "How do you get them to do that??" :/
One of these days I am actually going to rattle off what I am actually thinking!

Love those babies!
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