Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids driving you crazy??

I always notice how parents interact with their children. Am I curious or nosy? I listen in on the conversation, tone and facial expression. It makes me so sad to see parents who seem not to enjoy their children. What a miserable existence as a parent to just "endure" while children grow up. I will tell you that many children are so miserable to be around I can see why parents feel this way. Many times this is a vicious cycle...parent tolerates bad behavior....kid pushes all the buttons..parent gives in......kid pushes all the right buttons.....parent explodes....kid backs off..only to come back at it again and round and round the cycle continues.

I do not want to paint a picture that all 5 of my children have been perfect children...they have not nor have I been a perfect parent...nor have I always enjoyed every moment with my kids. Those who know us well..know that one of our children popped out of the womb testing us on every level and there were a few years there that I thought it wasn't going to get better and one of us was going to have to die and it wasn't ME! Even through those HARD years there was joy and there were great lessons learned...mainly about myself!

I'm going to take the next few days to talk about some really common issues and how we have dealt with if you know anyone especially with younger children have them tune in! I'm going to talk about Bed Time, Taking your Children Out, Chores, Training at Home, Mealtime Madness, 1st time obedience..and Manners.


Krystalen said...

I thank God for you! I have small children who have been driving me bananas lately and I am looking forward to your Couponing Class! Thank you so much for listening to God and sharing your experiences! Sometimes I feel like all is lost and then I find someone like you, who has, for lack of a better word, survived homeschooling, being a christian and a mother and homemaker! Then I know I can do it too, sometimes all you need is that little boost of encouragement! Thank you again and God bless. You have a fan for life! I will now be reading your blog daily!

Michele Helms said...

Krystalen, What kind words! I am really excited about these blog posts..I hope that they will encourage you!

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