Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My New Island!!

I have wanted an island in my kitchen for quite a while now but I couldn't afford one.....Eric's parents replaced their island top and gave us the old top but when we went to buy a cabinet to go underneath it was more than we could afford. We found this chest at the thrift store for $15 and it was in good shape except for missing a piece along the bottom. I sanded it down.

My good-lookin husband put a piece of bead board across the bottom and the back. I painted it black...replaced the knobs and scuffed it up a little with sand paper and.........

VOILA!! I am thrilled with it. We let the top hang off the back and one side and put bar stools underneath.


Gwynie Pie said...

I am finally getting the chance to backtrack a little and catch up on reading my fav blogs :)

THIS island is just amazing! What a great job.

Cute, cute, cute pictures from the Clemson game.

And girl !!!! I would soooo love to just go with you to the grocery one day and watch you work.
I love it!!! And how wonderful that you share your knowledge with others. You go!

Enjoyed catching p with you. Blessings on your Sat. I'm off to work ---

Gwynie Pie
The Pink Tractor

keriberryville said...

I like that island. Great job on pulling it together for $15!

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