Friday, January 15, 2010

What to make for dinner

If you use coupons then it is pretty likely that you have alot of this type of rice or pasta in your cupboard. I am not one for "one dump" type of meals but this one turned our pretty good. My family enjoyed it
I boiled chicken breasts....remember to get really tender chicken.....bring to a boil....cover and turn down to med low for an hour...on the bone and 45 min for boneless. I usually throw a couple of stalks of celery in as well or celery salt if you don't have the real thing. This adds flavor and I think it helps it to be tender. Cook the rice or pasta as directed in a seperate pot. Cut up boiled chicken and add to prepared rice. I added one ear of raw corn...I love the crunch!!! I only left the heat on long enough to heat the corn through...I didn't want it soggy.
I added some extra spices to give it an extra kick that suited our taste and served it with a salad. The only thing that I don't like about this picture is that it looks boring. The dish was really yummy but the picture looks bland....all my yummy colorful veggies on my salad are on the use your imagination!

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