Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I love fajitas! My whole family loves them in some form or another. I started off with thin meat and I sliced it into really thin strips.

Then I put it in a marinade of olive oil, lime juice, jalapenos and vinegar. I cut up more than we will use in one night and I put it the a freezer bag and froze it for another day. Make sure to label the outside of the bag with a think you won't forget but it all looks the same when it is frozen. Can you tell that I have experience with this?? :)
Throw the meat into a hot pan, I used an iron frying pan.

After browning the meat I threw in the onion and bell pepper. I used red but green is good as well. Then I put spices that we pepper, garlic salt and this seasoning by McCormick.
I made homemade salsa.....oh baby is this stuff good....I'll post about it another time. I use Pace Picante whenever I don't have fresh.

The black beans are from a can...warmed and seasoned. I served ours with lettuce, cheese, black beans, refried beans and the steak. Yummy!!!!Wrap it in a warm tortilla and enjoy every last little bite.

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