Tuesday, November 17, 2009


What are your dreams? I have all kinds of dreams....Dreams for my kids.....Dreams for our future....Dreams for the ministry......Dreams for our church......sometimes there is so much floating around in my head I can hardly shut it off. Are dreams wrong??? Certainly I believe that we can get materialistic even in our dreams and desires but I think it is also the way that the Lord casts a vision. I will share one of mine with you......from the moment we bought this house....12 years ago...we knew it wasn't ours....we really do view everything that we have as the Lords...but even beyond that....Eric and I have always had a "dream" that this house was supposed to be given to our church. We live directly across the street from FBC Woodstock and our church has an amazing ministry for missionaries that give their lives to serve Him in another country. When they come back to the States we have homes for them to stay in. Someone fills the pantry and cupboards with all the family favorites and the church pays all housing expenses while they are home on furlough. We love this program and because of this dream of ours....we know in our hearts that this house is supposed to be used for that purpose! Will that be when we die??? Maybe???

Now to the dream.....there is land near our house....87 acres....oh so very beautiful......my dream....give this house to the church....buy the 87 acres......invite a few families to join us.......enjoy!... serve!..... Our daughter is gifted with animals but specifically with horses.....it has been her dream to do horse therapy for physically and mentally challenged children....wow what a dream....she is only 12 but she is passionate about it.....in my dream that would be a reality for her! In my dream there would be a home for a hurting family to come and stay for a little while so we could encourage and love on them...in my dream this would all be debt free!!!!

SO now I have bored you with my crazy dream!!! What is your dream?

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