Wednesday, November 11, 2009

20 Years!!!!

Oh my do we look so young!

I can hardly believe that 20 years ago I married the most amazing man! We had a beautiful mom made my dress...and they gave me a wonderful day that I will never forget. As amazing as that day was...I am so very glad that I am not just going back to that day to think about my wonderful marriage. I am so much more in love with Eric today than I was then. We have laughed, cried and yes, argued together. We have 5 beautiful babies and 2 babies waiting for us with Jesus. I am so blessed to have a man who loves me, our children and most of all Jesus!

We are shipping our children out for a few days and locking ourselves in....which includes turning off the phones and the computers and enjoying a few days of down time together. Our board of directors gave us a wonderful gift for our anniversary so we will hit a few nice restaurants for dinner....with the rest of the money I think we will put tires on my car. I know..I know...that isn't very romantic.......but those of you who know me know how practical I am.....I can't enjoy a trip away knowing that my tires are just isn't right. I do promise to totally enjoy my few days together!!!

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