Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Emily's Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated Emily's 12th birthday......I know every parent says this but where in the world does the time go? What a sweet, sweet girl she is!!!! Her passion in life is to help handicapped children through horse therapy....she loves horses!! It is so neat to watch her with these horses...really just about any animal...but her heart is in the barn! It will be neat to see how the Lord uses her talent. She has had many wonderful blessings that are undoubtedly from the Lord.

She had a blast at her party with her cousins as you can see from the facials!

One of her gifts was a makeup bag with mascara and sparkly eyeshadow.....she was thrilled. At 12 it will be lite but she was happy.....of course I think she is beautiful with no makeup!

Her brothers visited the dollar store and chose these gifts for her...she was very gracious and made them feel very special!

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