Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Homemade Laundry Soap!!??

OK......Have any of you ever watched the Duggars on Lifetime television??? I am always interested in how others save money. I have never seen the show..because we save money and don't have those cable channels :)..... but one of my friends told me about how their family makes their own liquid laundry soap. I was curious so I looked it up on the web and sure enough I found the recipe. This was my issue......with 7 of us.....laundry detergent is quite expensive! I started using the cheap stuff and our clothes started stinking...UUGG.

So I thought this seems way to simple to actually work.....will my clothes smell fresh or will they start to smell stale?? Will it get out the normal stains???? The cost is so low per recipe that I decided to give it a try. Much, much, much to my surprise it works!!!! I have been using it for 6 weeks now without any problems! Love it! What an easy way to save some cash!

Here is the low down...... total cost per recipe less than $3.....yep you saw that right less than $3.00 for so many loads!!!!!

Top Load......5/8 cup....180 loads
Front Load...1/4 cup.....640 loads

Here is how I made it:

*1 bar Fels Naptha Soap(I found this at Publix on the laundry aisle)
*1 cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda...not baking soda!!!!
*1/2 cup 20 mule Borax
*1 teaspoon Shaklee Basic H( I use this stuff for EVERYTHING!! So many uses...without chemicals! Order Here) Duggars recipe does not call for this ingredient I added it because I love it!
*one 5 gallon bucket with lid

Cut up bar soap in very small pieces or grate and put it in a pot with 4 -5 cups of hot water.....turn on medium low heat and stir occasionally until soap is completely melted.

In the 5 gallon bucket combine Washing Powder, Borax and fill half way with hot tap water. Continue stirring occasionally until powders are dissolved completely. After the powder dissolves add the teaspoon of Basic H(this product is a fabulous cleaner and is very concentrated!) When all of the bar soap is melted add to the bucket and stir.

Add water to the top of the bucket and continue to stir. When you have is all well incorporated......put the lid on it and leave it overnight. When you open it up you will have a yellowish....semi jelly looking goo......I promise this is OK!!! Fill one of you old liquid containers half way with solution and the rest with water and shake until it is mixed....then you are ready to go. does not take as much of this solution as others.....measure out the amount you need....see above....If you are using your old liquid lid you may want to make a mark on the lid at the proper measure!

When you run out refill half way again...add your water and shake....make sure you get you lid back on the concentrate tightly and it will stay fresh for months! I re-stir the "goo" every time I refill. This cleaner smells fresh but it does not have a strong scent....I use a fabric softener with a strong scent because we like it! You may want to use unscented softener of none at all!!

Let me know what you think!!! I put a picture below of all the ingredients so that you will know what you are looking for!!!


Brittany said...

Thank you for posting this! I can't wait to try all this when my right now stocked up laundry stuff (from CVS of course) runs low. Also thank you for your awesome book! I love it!

Lori said...

I can't wait to try this out.
Fels Naptha has been a "mainstay" in my laundry room for YEARS - it is the best / cheapest stain remover by far even though it takes a little elbow grease!

Thanks for the recipe - I love it.

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